a note from our founder

Pulse is focused every day on inspiring you with self-care products that truly elevate your experience and deliver “the comfort you deserve”. So, say hello to our newest introduction to the Pulse Pod family, Spoil Me massage oil, for a welcomed dose of pampering. This isn’t just any ol’ massage oil, Spoil Me is a luxurious healthy blend of six natural plant based oils that are 100% hypoallergenic and unscented; safflower, sunflower, jojoba, grape seed, rice bran extract, and vitamin E. Spoil Me is the perfect balance of grip and glide for soothing relaxation.

We’ve brought the spa environment conveniently into your home, and packaged Spoil Me in the same stylishly modern Pulse Pods as our personal lubricants, Aloe-ahh and H2Oh!. Not only do Pulse Pods have airless pump technology to eliminate contamination, but they are sized perfectly to fit into your cosmetic case or pocket for easy travel. And of course they are recyclable, shouldn’t all packaging be environmentally thoughtful these days?

Pulse Pods allow you the choice to dispense your formulations either manually, or, for a truly delicious experience, pair with our Pulse warming device for clean touchless dispensing of perfectly warmed formulations in precise amounts. No mess, no hassle, and oh so wonderfully warm.  You can easily interchange all three Pulse Pods in your Pulse warming dispenser, using whichever Pod inspires you at the moment.

As our other self-care formulations, Aloe-ahh silicone-based personal lubricant with soothing aloe and vitamin E, and, H2Oh! natural water-based lubricant with pure chia extract for superior hydration, Spoil Me uses only healthy ingredients to ensure you are integrating the finest of products into your self-care rituals.

Pulse, it’s the comfort you deserve.



Amy Buckalter, Founder and CEO